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Thumbs up!

It’s wonderful to have a podcast emphasizing how great the Ottawa/Gatineau region is for outdoor sports!


Just what I was looking for! Thanks so much for this. I’ve always believed a healthy lifestyle is focused on the outdoors!

Always a refreshing new angle on the outdoors!

There are so many ways that interacting with nature enriches our lives. Mary Anne endeavours to explore all of them! Guests are from every walk of life from adventurers to scientists and her questions are equally wide ranging. Always a fun listen and full of ideas to help you explore the outdoors in new ways.

Inspiring podcast!

Mary Anne’s bright energy as a host brings a refreshing light to adventuring in the outdoors. This podcast would motivate anyone to pick up an outdoor activity and “take this outside” :) I’m officially inspired!

I Love This Podcast!

Enjoyed listening to Mary Anne on the radio. So happy she has turned her passion for the outdoors into a podcast.