May 10, 2022

Dr. Gordon J. Walker - Master of Science (Leisure Studies)

Dr. Gordon J. Walker -  Master of Science (Leisure Studies)

Professor Emeritus Gordon Walker studies leisure, including this important question: "Is nature needed as a basic psychological need?"

Gordon has his Master of Science in Leisure Studies (Arizona State University) and PHD in Forestry in Natural Resource Recreation (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). He has published over 90 refereed research articles and co-authored or co-edited three books including: A Social Psychology of Leisure. Much of this work involved individuals living in East Asia as well as those who emigrated from this area to North America. 

In retirement, Gordon’s goal has been to follow Michel de Montaigne’s advice and “…to live at more leisure and at one’s ease”.

He loves being outside and being on the water on his canoe. Please enjoy my chat with Gordon Walker.

Gordon and I chat about:

  • Is nature needed as a basic psychological need?
  • How social factors (gender, ethnicity, race, culture, social class, etc) affect our connection to nature
  • How we can be more welcoming to others and bring people into the the outdoor space

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