Let's Take This Outside



What happens when we play outside?

  • We become healthier - both mentally and physically

  • We become more creative and more focused

  • We connect - with nature, each other, and ourselves

Let’s Take This Outside: a new podcast hosted by me - Mary Anne Ivison - an aspiring outdoor athlete and nature lover.. I speak to athletes, outdoor professionals, and scientists about their connection to nature, how it affects their performance and everyday life.

Mary Anne Ivison is a trusted media professional with over 12 years of experience in radio broadcasting, television, voice-over, and live-hosting.  In summer 2021, Mary Anne shifted her focus from radio to her own voice-over business, and in 2022 launched her podcast “Let’s Take This Outside”.

Mary Anne’s core values are firmly planted in empathy and compassion (thanks Brene Brown!), and she strongly believes that human connection is vital to our collective happiness and success.

When she isn’t recording audio, you can find Mary Anne hiking, cycling, cross country skiing or staring at mossy rocks.